What is ComTect™?

Product Description

Com+Tect™(Comfort + Protection) is a line of apparel designed to enhance rider comfort, at the same time providing a reasonable degree of protection from scrapes, abrasions, and lacerations which are the most common injuries sustained by riders during accidents.

COMFORT is afforded by the Active Cooling System™ or ACS integrated into each and every ComTect garment. The ACS is a system of intake and exhaust openings and fans that draw cool air from the outside, circulates it around the wearer’s body, and vents out the hot air. PROTECTION is offered by abrasion-resistant pads strategically located on vulnerable areas such shoulders, elbows and the back.

Designed and intended primarily as comfort apparel with safety enhancing features, ComTect garments offer no warranty or representation of any kind as to their merchantability or fitness for any purpose aside from increasing rider comfort. The users agree and acknowledge that no safety device can guarantee protection from all risk of injury or death. All risk from any activity involving the use of ComTect garments in any activity is assumed by the User.

ComTect™, Active Cooling System™ is 100% Filipino designed and manufactured; registered with Philippine Intellectual Property Office under Utility Model 2-2017-0500265 and 2-2017-0500266.

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